20 People have been killed in freezing cold in the USA

Washington: At least 20 people have been killed in snow, storms, and freezing temperatures in various US states.

According to a global news report, winter has proved fatal in the US states this year. Snow and storms continue, killing at least 20 people in Texas, Kentucky, and Missouri.

Most of the deaths occurred in road accidents due to slippery roads due to snowfall, while 7 people could not bear the severe cold and lost their lives, as well as 3 people, died in the storm.

The worst-hit area was Texas, where the death toll from the freezing cold was the highest, with 3 million people without power due to power outages, leading to virtual blackouts.

US President Joe Biden has vowed to provide additional emergency resources for those affected by the historic storm. Relief camps have been set up while hospitals are under emergency and police patrols have been directed to make arrangements to protect the homeless from the cold.

The worst-hit areas were Atlanta and North Carolina, where a total of three people were killed and 10 injured and 50 homes were completely destroyed and dozens of vehicles damaged.

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