4 youths arrested for harassing Asian workers in UAE

The suspects were arrested after the video went viral on social media. The youths continued to push, kick and shame people in the streets and bazaars.
The UAE is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. No crime here can be hidden from the eyes of the law and those involved are immediately prosecuted and punished, no matter how influential and wealthy the accused may be. In the UAE, it is not allowed to gossip, harass anyone, make fun of their caste, religion, or color, and no one is allowed to make fun of them.

A few days ago, a video went viral on social media, showing some of the Manchals insulting Asian workers on the streets and in the markets in the UAE. Social media users expressed outrage over the video and demanded the immediate arrest of the shameless youth. In this regard, the Emirati Public Prosecution has stated that 4 youths have been arrested for harassing and insulting Asians.

These young people are from different Arab countries. According to the public prosecution, the viral video showed the young men pushing a passerby in a market, kicking someone, throwing socks at a shopkeeper and making fun of some workers. Three of the accused continued to do these foolish acts, while the fourth accused continued to make videos of his immoral actions.

He bragged without any embarrassment and posted it on social media. However, their stupidity overwhelmed them. The video was reported to the police and public prosecution by social media users. The Federal Public Prosecution’s Information Technology Crimes Department identified the men and arrested them immediately. The accused have been charged with interfering in people’s private lives, insulting and ridiculing them, assaulting and harassing them. The presence of the video is solid evidence against them. If convicted, they could face imprisonment as well as fines.

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