A 20-year-old girl cheated on her 70-year-old husband, In Saudi Arabia.

Immediately after the marriage, the young lady registered her husband’s house in her name and at the same time claimed khula.

People who have the same emotions and desires as young people, even in old age, are so deceived that they spend the rest of their lives with regret. A similar case has happened in Saudi Arabia with a big-hearted man who, at the age of 70, decided to fall in love with a girl his granddaughter’s age and settle down.

This young lady also created such a drama of love for him that the big husbands started flying in the winds and when this young lady cut the kite of their emotions then he came to his senses. According to Saudi media, the 20-year-old girl took over his house after marrying a 50-year-old man and then demanded an immediate divorce.

However, the elderly husband is not ready to leave his beautiful and young wife.

Meanwhile, the husband, seeing the stubbornness of his wife, has been forced to file a case of cheating against her. The girl who claimed to have divorced said that she had decided to get married out of emotion, but now she regrets that there is a big difference in the ages of the two, so she is now more with her older husband. Not ready to live. The degree of khula should be issued in his favor.

On the other hand, the elderly husband said that his wife had taken advantage of his feelings and cheated on him. The elder told the court that he had married the girl and a few days later he said that his young sons objected to our marriage. Don’t let them evict me after you’re gone. I don’t want to be helpless, so you write my house in my name.

According to the elder, he could not understand the cunning behind the innocent deeds of his beautiful wife, and as soon as possible he named his house after her. As soon as the house papers came in the hands of his young wife, he has approached the court for divorce from me. Legal experts say the elderly man’s case has no legal status. Because he has consciously and voluntarily transferred the house to his wife, nothing can be done about it now.

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