A child who swallowed 54 magnets at once was rescued after a long operation

LONDON: A teenage boy in Britain swallowed 54 magnets one after another as he tried to see if pieces of iron could stick to his stomach.

Riley Morrison, 12, from Greater Manchester, swallowed 54 small and round magnets as an experiment. He wanted to see if the pieces of iron could stick to his stomach like that, but he didn’t. Riley’s condition worsened to the point of death, and after a long six-hour operation, his life was saved, with all the magnets removed from his body.

Riley received the magnet as a Christmas present, which he swallowed on January 5. When not a single magnet came out of her body, she became worried and told her mother. This is probably because all the round magnets clung together in the form of lumps in the intestines and stomach. Riley had told his mother that he had eaten only two magnets, but X-rays showed that their numbers were unusually large.
But before that, the boy suffered from severe abdominal pain for several days. Riley, who was completely deprived of food and drink, vomited all the time and thought that maybe the magnet pills had pierced the internal system of the stomach.

Riley, 12, is keen on scientific experiments, and this tragedy is the result of that quest. Riley has since been admitted to Manchester Children’s Hospital. After a long operation, magnetic bullets stuck in his stomach and intestines have been removed.

The entire operation took six hours, but Riley has returned from the brink of death.

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