Actress Katerina Shpitsa Got Married

The artist’s elect made her an offer back in 2018

35-year-old actress Katerina Shpitsa shared the good news on her personal Instagram page: she married her lover, photographer, and director of fitness clubs Ruslan Panov. The man-made the artist a marriage proposal back in 2018.

Spitz posted a wedding photo with Panov. In the picture, Ruslan gently holds the actress by the hand, showing wedding rings made of white gold. In her personal blog, singer Alena Sviridova showed the wedding dresses of the newlyweds. Spitz chose a floor-length dress with bare shoulders for the wedding ceremony, completing the look with hair gathered in a bun. The chosen one of the celebrities chose to wear a classic black suit.

Recall that Ekaterina Shpitsa has been married to actor and stuntman Konstantin Adaev since 2010. Two years later, the couple had a son, Herman. However, the couple soon decided to leave.

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