Adhyan Summons called the news of his suicide shameful

Indian actor Adhyan Summon called the news about his suicide shameful.

It should be noted that a day ago, a media channel reported that the son of actress Shekhar Summon had committed suicide.

Regarding the news, Shekhar Saman himself had said that his son is fine and is currently in New Delhi.

However, now a video has surfaced in which he can be heard saying, “If I am dead, is my ghost standing here?”

At the same time, the study also said that the news spread about him is shameful.

He said that he was busy in a meeting when he was receiving phone calls, due to which he could not pick up the phone.

Adhiyan said that his mother was shocked to hear the news of her son’s death, while she herself is shocked.

He said that they work hard, so there is no need for them to commit suicide, but they want no one to commit suicide.

It may be recalled that a day earlier, Adhyayan’s father Shekhar Saman had announced to take legal action against the media channel related to his son’s suicide.

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