Ali Zafar pays tribute to climber Ali Sadpara

Karachi: Singer Ali Zafar paid homage to mountaineer Ali Sadpara and named his song ‘Kind of Mountains’ after the mountaineer.

On social networking site Facebook, singer Ali Zafar said that no nation can develop unless it recognizes its heroes. Ali Sadpara is also considered as an anonymous hero of the nation whose Life is dedicated to the country by performing an unparalleled feat, so I can at least sing a tribute to this anonymous hero of the nation so that like music, Ali Sadpara will always be in our memories.

Climber Muhammad Ali Sadpara is the first and only climber in Pakistan to have successfully climbed eight of the world’s highest peaks. Muhammad Ali Sadpara climbed the highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc. Earlier, the Mont Blanc peak was climbed in 1976. The highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc, is 4808 meters high, while Muhammad Ali Sadpara climbed 8000 meters. Gasha Brom 1, Gasha Brom 2, Broad Peak, Nanga Parbat, Manaslu, and other peaks have also been topped.

A few days ago, Muhammad Ali Sadpara along with his two foreign mountaineering companions John Asnori and young Pablo Mohar set out on a campaign to head the K2 in the cold weather.

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