All Shades of Rose: We Select Nude According To the Type of Appearance

Choosing a lipstick that will make you irresistible

In fact, choosing your nude lipstick shade is more difficult than deciding on a red lipstick shade. Although many do not consider nude lipstick a necessity, because it does not give a special color, and yet it makes lips noticeably better thanks to the dense overlap of the natural lip shade so that natural lipstick has enough fans. However, a large number of girls mistakenly believe that lipstick can be replaced with foundation or any shade can be taken. We cannot agree, and therefore we will tell you how to choose the right nude that does not emphasize the flaws of the face.

Basic selection rules

Nude lipstick should not blend in with the skin – remember and give up a foundation instead of lipstick and a too pale shade of the lipstick itself. Another general rule: for a warm skin tone, we select the same warm, sandy shade, but for a cold type, it is important to pay attention to dusty shades of pink.

Let’s analyze the palette in more detail

Before we go for a new lipstick, we determine the skin tone – without this knowledge, you can easily make mistakes.

Very light, pale shade

Girls with very fair skin often take on light brown nudes or warm beige shades. Needless to say, such nude visually spoils the complexion, making it earthy. Instead, look at the peach and apricot shades, which seem to highlight the face and instantly refresh the complexion.

Porcelain leather

This shade is inherent in the owners of light eyes and hair, peach nude will not be quite out of place, but the cold undertone in the shade of dusty rose is just an ideal choice. Moreover, pay attention to the light plum nude, which will visually make the teeth whiter and will not make the face tired.

Warm undertone

It is often found in girls with brown hair, but you should not immediately choose brown nude with a redhead, neutral beige nude is suitable for this type. This season, you should pay attention to a light shimmer in lipstick, and therefore look for a lipstick in a beige shade with a slight shimmer.

Olive skin

A beautiful skin tone that also has its own nude. In this case, you can turn to both neutral and cold pink nude, for example, choose a caramel shade or pinkish, but no longer plum.

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