Almost Violent: Why Aggressive Sex Shouldn’t Be Taken As Normal

Intimacy should not turn into torture

Of course, any relationship requires “heating”, and hot sex is sometimes the best way. But what if a man cannot imagine a sex life without aggressive intimacy bordering on sadism? We decided to investigate an intimate issue.

Which men are most likely to show aggression in bed?

Only cooler than me…

A man striving with all his might to demonstrate his masculinity. As a rule, such a person will behave deliberately rudely, even if such behavior is not typical for him, by the way, it is this type of men who speaks extremely negatively about people with a non-traditional orientation. Yes, and about women, this man is not able to speak in a positive way.

Big boss

A man in a management position, usually in a large company. Moreover, the more power such a man has, the less mercy you will have in bed. Unfortunately, this man considers sex exclusively a way to relieve tension, there is no talk of pleasure here.

And it’s not like that

A man who did not succeed in anything. Such a person experiences failures in his career or personal life in bed: he treats his partner as rudely as possible, without listening to her desires. As a rule, such a man is looking for a woman who does not dare to object to him.

How do women react to such treatment?

Unfortunately, many women prefer to endure such treatment, since for some reason they cannot break off relations with an aggressive man. It is most difficult for married women: children and multiple obstacles, most often of a material nature, do not allow a woman to leave. In some cases, women hope that their partner will change, and for this you need to wait a little. However, people change very rarely, and often not for the better.

And yet, if you do not want to interrupt the relationship, first of all, you need to understand that constant aggression in bed is not the norm, which means that you will have to work to make the man understand this too. But you need to do this unobtrusively and even more so not aggressively – so you just move away from each other and there will be no result. Gently but persistently let your partner understand that you would like to receive more tenderness from him, if the man is also determined to work on the relationship, he will definitely hear you.

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