An Israeli ship explodes in the Middle East

An Israeli cargo ship has exploded as it was heading out of the Middle East.

Rising tensions between Iran and the United States have raised new security concerns in the region, according to the Associated Press.

The British Navy’s Maritime Trade Operations said the ship and its crew were safe in Friday’s blast.

The blast in the Gulf of Oman forced the ship to sail to a nearby port.

According to maritime firm Daryad Global, the crashed plane is an MV Helios, while another private security official also confirmed the identity of the plane to the AP on condition of anonymity.

The ship was spotted entering the Arabian Sea at about 6 a.m. Green Age Standard Time on Friday, shortly after it crossed the Strait of Hormuz, according to data from the ship’s maritime traffic monitoring website Began to return to The plane was en route from Dammam in Saudi Arabia to Singapore.

According to Capt. Ranjith, an official with the data firm Refinito, the Israeli ship left the Persian Gulf on Thursday and was heading for Singapore.

He added that at 2.30pm GMT on Friday, the ship stopped at the east of Oman’s main port for at least nine hours before returning to Dubai. According to Captain Ranjith, the possible purpose of going to Dubai may be to assess and repair the damage to the ship.

According to UN data, the ship belongs to a company called Ray Shipping in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel.

U.S. Department of Defense officials told the AP News Agency that details of the blast were not immediately clear, but that the plane had holes in it. According to officials, the cause of the hole in the plane is not clear.

Daryad Global Maritime Firm also said that the cause of the blast could not be ascertained, but according to the firm, the activities of the Iranian army could be the possible cause of the blast.

The US Maritime Administration also took note of the blast and instructed all commercial ships to pass through the Gulf of Oman with caution.

The bombing comes at a time when Iran is continuing to violate the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran is constantly trying to put pressure on President Joe Biden to ease economic sanctions.

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