Another film about Princess Diana’s life, “For a moment it seemed like she really was Diana.”

There is going to be another film on the life of Princess Diana Spencer with a slight glimpse of it.

According to the American broadcaster CNN, the American actress Christine Stewart has played the role of British Princess Diana in this film called ‘Spencer’.

Christine Stewart’s first portrait of Lady Diana has been released on Thursday, in which she is seen in her original role.

The film is scripted by Steven Knight and revolves around the life of Princess Diana and Prince Charles when Lady Diana decided to end her troubled marriage.

The film tells the story of a weekend when Lady Diana went on holiday with the royal family.

In December 1991, Princess Diana’s relationship with her husband, Prince Charles, soured. But despite this, the situation seemed normal to the viewers.

While Sandringham State hosts the royal family’s personal engagements and celebrations, Christmas was celebrated in 1991 with other members of the family, including Lady Diana.

Eating, hunting and other activities continued as usual, but Princess Diana knew that things were about to change. It was probably the same weekend when Lady Diana informed the royal family of her desire to separate from Prince Charles.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles separated in 1992 but divorced in August 1996.

As soon as the photo of Christine Stewart in the form of Princess Diana was shared, the comments of Twitter users started.

“For a moment I thought it was really Diana,” Caitlin, a Twitter user, shared a photo of Diana and the actress.

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