Anyone who has a problem with my hijab should not look at me, Noor Bukhari

Karachi: Former actress Noor Bukhari has responded to the critics of her hijab style by saying that I have to give an account in my grave who Have a problem with my hijab so that they do not see me.

Former actress Noor Bukhari, who said goodbye to showbiz for religion, was criticized on social media. Noor Bukhari shared his photo yesterday. In the photo, she is dressed like a bride and is wearing a matching hijab.

This photo was not of a bridal shoot, but Noor Bukhari had attended his friend’s wedding and all these preparations were made for his friend’s wedding. Apart from the photos, Noor Bukhari also shared short videos of the wedding on his Instagram. However, people did not like the way he wore the hijab and started criticizing him.

After the criticism of the people, Noor Bukhari stopped the series of comments and responded to the critics of himself on the Instagram story, saying, “I have to give my account in my grave, so please, if you don’t like my hijab, hijab.” You don’t see me He for whom I do knows my intention and only he has the right to judge, Allah Allah Allah. ‘

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