Attempts to target Saudi Arabia with drones once again failed

Drone attack on Saudi Arabia

Saudi air force destroys one drone in Yemen, another shot down in Jazan

Riyadh: Drone and missile strikes by Saudi Houthi militias on Saudi Arabia have intensified over the past few months. Saudi oil installations are now being targeted from time to time by Houthi militias. Saudi Arabia has once again narrowly escaped destruction and damage. An attempt by the Saudi-led Arab League to form a constitutional government in Yemen has been thwarted by drone strikes targeting the kingdom.

The Arab League says two drones were sent to Saudi Arabia by Rosemann’s Houthi militia last year. Fortunately, both were destroyed in mid-air before reaching their target.

One drone was shot down in Yemeni airspace, while another was about to hit a target in the Saudi border town of Jazan, but was shot down in a timely manner.

It should be noted that a few days ago, the Saudi coalition forces had foiled an attempt to attack the kingdom with a bomber drone. An explosive-laden drone was ready to take off from a Houthi militia base in Yemen to wreak havoc in Saudi Arabia. However, a Saudi military plane destroyed it before it could take off. Thus, a major plot to wreak havoc on Saudi Arabia failed.

A video released by the Saudi coalition shows a Houthi militia drone being destroyed at its base in Yemen during a military operation.

According to a statement issued by the coalition forces, the Houthi militia had planned to send a bomber drone from Imran Governorate to Saudi Arabia, but the drone was destroyed before it could take off. A day before the incident, an oil refinery near the Saudi capital Riyadh There was also a terrorist attack last week. An oil refinery near the capital, Riyadh, was targeted on Friday. The fire that broke out as a result of the attack was soon contained, while oil supplies were not disrupted.

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