Azfar Rehman apologizes for the statement regarding harassment

Actor Azfar Rehman has apologized and said that in an interview last week, harassment by female colleagues does not fall under the category of sexual harassment.

“Our social media platforms need to teach that harassment doesn’t always mean sexual harassment, it’s two very different things,” Azfar explained in an Instagram post.

The actor explained that in an interview 3 years ago, he told me what kind of trouble I had in the early days of my career. It includes neglect, influence, humiliation and bullying, and all this sexual harassment. Do not fall into the category.

According to Azfar Rehman, I used to respect women then and I still do today. There are good and bad people everywhere. But even so, I apologize if my statement hurt anyone’s feelings.

Host Ali Saleem alias Begum Nawazish Ali had sought Azfar’s opinion on the “Me Too” campaign in her program, in response to which she said that no one should be harassed, which is very wrong.

“I have been harassed by several female colleagues in the past, but I don’t want to name them,” Azfar said in an interview. I fully support the Me To campaign and it is good that voices are being raised against it. As a male artist, I was harassed, I ignored it, but women can’t always be right.

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