Body recovered from Indian actor’s friend’s house

Chennai: The body of an actor belonging to India’s local showbiz industry has been recovered from a friend’s house.

According to Indian media reports, Tamil TV actor Indira Kumar went to her friend’s house in Chennai a day ago where the two sat together at night and watched a movie.

The actor stayed at his friend’s house at night and slept outside the room. The next morning when Indira Kumar was picked up by his friend, he did not wake up and fell asleep.

According to the friend, when Indira did not come in the morning, he came to see her, where it was found out that the actor is no more in this world.

Police took the body into custody and shifted it to the hospital for post-mortem examination and took notice of the incident and started investigation. Indira Kumar’s mourners include a wife and son. Police fear the actor committed suicide, but the claim has not been finalized.

It is to be noted that actor Sandeep Nahar, who was included in the film made on the life of Mahendra Singh Dhoni this week, had also committed suicide. Later, his last post appeared on a social networking site.

Police had registered a case against the actor’s wife Kanchan and mother-in-law for his death as Sandeep had blamed both of them in his last post.

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