Cozy Corner: 4 Ways to Retire At a Party

What if on February 23 you went to your parents or friends, but you want not to miss the opportunity to show burning feelings? BBCWNTODAY knows the answer!

Communication in a pleasant company, a glass of champagne, a delicious dinner – all this helps you to forget about work issues, control the behavior of children and just let go of the situation for at least a couple of hours. Not surprisingly, a former passion can flare up between young parents: a long-extinguished spark of attraction will again make you want something more than a strong hug. What if at this moment you are visiting?

Select a locked room

The easiest way is to ask the owners of the house to give your couple a lockable room. In a large country house, this will not be difficult – you will be able to arrange a passionate rendezvous without fear of being discovered at the most tense moment. But problems may already arise in the apartment … But there is a way out here too! No matter how many people laugh at sex under the covers in the missionary position, in reality this choice may be the most appropriate in such a situation. Or the woman can turn over on her stomach, and the partner can lie on her a little lower – in this position, the casual guest of your room will not notice anything either. The last option is to switch from one night’s penetrative sex to oral or manual sex. If you grab a heating lubricant or mini-toys in your purse, then you can definitely relax.

Pay attention discreetly

While you are sitting at the table and chatting with friends, you can indiscernibly have time for them to pat each other on the back, kiss on the neck, or squeeze your thigh, putting your hand on him. Such subtle signs will stir your imagination. And if you are from “crazy”, you can attach a mini-stimulator for the clitoris to the gusset of your underwear. You can control it from the phone application – entrust this option to your partner, and try to save face yourself so that the owners of the house do not notice the changes in you.

Come out for some fresh air

We do not recommend kissing in front of friends, because such a display of attention is still an intimate moment that can confuse those present. But you can breathe enough of each other if you and your partner both smoke. Then the desire to go out and get some fresh air will not raise any questions. If you are lucky and none of the guests will join you, you will be able not only to have a heart-to-heart talk, but also to kiss each other passionately or even decide to boldly stroke sensitive parts of the body.

Offer hosts to help

Although in someone else’s house it is usually not customary to serve guests for the hosts, in modern times this is treated normally. Offer to help wash the fruit, make everyone tea, or clear the table. Take a partner with whom you can hug in between serving and cleaning the table.

Why don’t we offer toilet sex or other daring things? While you think you were absent for 5 minutes, in fact, 15-20 minutes pass. Imagine how uncomfortable the rest of the guests will feel, who need a bathroom, or who later have to clean it up and find used contraception. Hold on to the passion until the party is over.

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