Dad’s heart used to be scared but now everything is fine: Zara Noor Abbas

Zara Noor Abbas, who is acclaimed in the Pakistani drama industry for her talents, says that she signs or rejects any project only after thinking carefully and seeing its director.

In an exclusive interview with Urdu News, she said that her family members are of course in this field but when she comes up with a project, she discusses it with her husband Asad Siddiqui and mother Asma.

When Zara Noor Abbas was asked if she faced opposition in her home when she became part of the showbiz industry, she said, “Dad has a slightly different temperament due to his army background. There was nothing wrong with acting. Just four or five years ago, people didn’t like going to the acting industry, especially girls, so Dad’s heart was scared. That was the reason for the ban, but now everything is fine. “

He said that even if his mother acted, it would not be an obstacle in the way of her hobby. She never spoke to him or me in a commanding manner.

Zara Noor Abbas, whose aunt is Bushra Ansari and mother is Asma Abbas, says both live in a very professional manner on the seat.

“I had just worked with him in the play ‘Zebayesh’, I learned that there is no relationship on the set, just work in a professional manner. Yes, even if my uncle or aunt ever said something on the set, I obeyed him as I considered him a senior.

Zara Noor Abbas says she loves acting both serious and comedic.

“I’m an actress. It’s my job to do all kinds of roles. I like to be both serious and comedic, but my comedy was much appreciated in ‘Ahad Wafa’.”

In response to a question, Zara said that her husbands do not think like traditional husbands and do not impose any such restrictions and there are no traditional discussions between them.
Bushra Ansari, Asma Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, and Zara Noor Abbas were together in the drama serial ‘Zebaish’. There was criticism from some quarters but Zara does not consider this criticism justified.

The purpose of the criticism is beyond comprehension. I would say that such criticism is foolish. Now, if a doctor’s child becomes a doctor, they do not have to ask why. Or if the child of an army man goes to the army, what does it mean that he joined the army by recommendation?

Zara says that her aunt Bushra Ansari is a great actress.

“Not only his acting but his personality has a great impact on me. He is very positive and treats everyone very kind and I like what he says about his habits on my personality. It’s very effective.

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