Danger to Imran Khan from Jahangir Tareen

The people who were put on the plane by Jahangir Tareen are now making strong demands to Prime Minister Imran Khan because they know they will be needed to bring a no-confidence motion. They are all in touch with Jahangir Tareen. Analysis by Dr. Shahid Masood.
Senior journalist Dr. Shahid Masood says that Prime Minister Imran Khan is in danger from his own party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Or it can be said that Imran Khan is in danger from the people around him and this is in Imran Khan’s knowledge. It is not that Imran Khan does not know these things, he did not say that I should give everyone’s reports.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has also directed me to keep an eye on all and also said that I should report to all the ministers. Dr. Shahid Masood further said that some people of PTI are in touch with other parties. When it came to minus one, I was talking about Shah Mehmood and Jahangir TareenAll the people who are meeting Imran Khan are from South Punjab and they are also in touch with Jahangir Tareen, these are the same people whom Jahangir Tareen had brought in the plane.

The majority of these people are still loyal to Jahangir Tareen. According to my information, they have put strong demands on Imran Khan. It is not as if Jahangir Tareen is sitting down and asking them to do all this but they know that Imran Khan needs us at this time because when it comes to the no-confidence motion, there will be a great need for electives.
On the other hand, senior journalist Mazhar Abbas said that internal grouping has been a problem of PTI in Punjab for many years, which resulted in accusations and counter-accusations against each other after the party’s sole election in 2013. Analyst Mazhar Abbas said that now with the departure of his closest ally Jahangir Tareen and the poor performance of Chief Minister Usman Bazdar, Prime Minister Imran Khan has started considering other options.
One of them is to re-establish relations with his allies Chaudhry Shujaat and Pervez Elahi and the ice began to melt as they went to see their elder Chaudhry. Prime Minister Imran Khan also telephoned Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi for help in the Senate elections, to which he received a positive reply. The two leaders also agreed to meet soon.

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