Defender of the Fatherland Day: Gifts for Colleagues Who Will Not Ruin

Girls who work exclusively with men in the same office are dedicated to

In a sense, our colleagues turn into a second family, and it is customary to pamper family members with gifts, all the more – there is a reason. But what about a girl whose colleagues are exclusively male? We will provide some ideas if you know that there are real car fans among your “brothers” in labor.

Laptop bag

Remember how much a laptop with a powerful processor costs – will a man carry it in his hands when there is a possibility of it falling? That’s right, no, since they value the money spent on technology. And with the constant change between the office and homework formats, you often have to take your laptop with you. In order not to look for a backpack suitable for its size, you need to buy a bag made of dense fabric with several pockets. The Satechi Water-Resistant laptop bag for laptops up to 16 ″, thanks to durable water-resistant nylon fabric and a dense inner lining, protects the device from scratches and dust. Even a sophisticated colleague will appreciate the classic design. The gift will definitely be to your taste and will not lie on the far shelf of the cabinet.

Everything’s under control

In a big city, it’s so easy to get stuck in a traffic jam at the most inopportune moment and then drive as hard as you can to get to work. Naturally, after some time you will be “pleased” with a fine. And you shouldn’t put yourself in danger at all. To make it easier for your friend to keep track of the road and minimize your expenses for paying fines, give him a deviceTrendVision Drive 700 Signature. What it is? It is a compact, powerful radar detector that will alert the driver to stationary and mobile speed control devices. At the same time, the radar antenna reads the unique radiation frequencies only from those devices that measure the speed of the car and cuts off all unnecessary parasitic signal frequencies. A GPS informer warns the driver about stationary cameras and radars, based on their regularly updated database. This is an extremely practical device that works to reduce unnecessary fines while driving on the highway. And the delight of your dear fellow car enthusiast will simply go off the scale.

Down with the frost

Winter does not even think of ending, which means that one of your colleagues who travel exclusively by car will have to tinker with cleaning the windows. Help him by gifting him an anti-icing glass scraper. The man can easily connect it to the cigarette lighter, which will melt the ice crust and easily clean the glass to avoid trouble on the next trip to work.

Car charger

A car charger works from the same port. Modern models are protected from short circuits and overheating, which reduces the likelihood of damage to the gadget. The Satechi 72W Type-C PD uses the latest Power Delivery technology to deliver up to 60W from its USB-C port for fast charging of compatible laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and up to 12W through the optional USB-A port.


A universal device that will help out your colleague in the most unexpected situation, and you will agree that there are more than enough of them on the road. This “rescuer” will help to start a discharged battery, and also recharge the phone, and not only it, in addition, in an emergency, but it also turns into a flashlight with a slight movement. A miracle cure, right?

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