Don’t Leave the House, Check Yourself: What Should Be In Any Girl’s Purse

Actress and model Anna Bzhedugova told what devices are always at her fingertips

Try to empty your bag on the table during the day and check how many items you need and how many absolutely useless things you carry with you. Often really useful things are left out of our attention, although they can save dozens of situations throughout the day. I tell you what devices are always at my fingertips.


Of course, the first thing that any modern girl should have at hand is a mobile phone. It contains a calendar, a diary, contacts, personal and work correspondence. In industries such as modeling and blogging, the phone should always be nearby, all content is filmed on it. I always send even professional photos to my phone, in the Instagram format it is much more convenient to choose frames that will look better on social networks. The phone also replaces the wallet, because now we pay for purchases contactlessly.


Cosmetics are indispensable. Basic set: gloss, mascara and concealer. It is these cosmetic products that will help you put yourself in order at any time in a matter of minutes.


A very useful device is a fitness watch. With them, you can track all the activity if you shoot them in the morning and shoot them in the evening. Count steps, calories, know which period of the day was the most active. If worn at night, the watch will monitor sleep phases and wake you up with its vibration on your wrist instead of sound.

Portable tripod

The industry in which I work involves many additional, but mandatory devices. For example, if a casting director is urgently looking for an actress, then auditions need to be recorded in a matter of hours, wherever you are. Therefore, I always have a portable tripod in my bag that I can put on any surface anywhere, record a line and send it to the casting director.


Another device, without which I simply cannot leave the house – headphones. Necessarily – small ones that fit into any bag. You can disconnect at any point to think about something, if necessary. I listen not only to music, but also to podcasts, I watch videos. You can go about your business without distractions – that’s a big plus.


Portable charging is just a must have. If you use your phone all day, but there is no outlet nearby, this thing is very helpful. Better to take a large unit that can charge your phone or any other device several times a day. It is difficult to do without such charging in the modern world, especially in the rhythm of a busy day.


Because of work I often find myself in different parts of the city, I always have a laptop in my car. Sometimes I need to edit a video, sometimes do something for work, I do everything on a laptop. Any task that is inconvenient or impossible to perform only with the help of a phone is immediately solved.

A pen

Make it a rule to always take a pen with you. It may seem obvious, but few people really care about having a handle in their purse day in and day out. Personally, a situation once happened to me when I liked the waiter in the cafe, I wanted to leave him my number, but apart from the lip pencil there was nothing at hand, I had to wash it on the relief of a napkin in order to still leave my contacts.

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