Dubai: Get the corona vaccine, drink free coffee

Ali Khan, a UAE investor who owns Cafe Restaurant China, has offered free coffee to Corona vaccine recipients.

According to Emirates Today, Ali Khan says that the offer is for one month. The aim is to highlight the importance of the corona vaccine in society.
The Cafe Restaurant in the Nad Al-Hamr area of ​​Dubai is extremely popular with the public.

Consumers have expressed their displeasure over Ali Khan’s offer.
“We provide you free coffee from us if you get the corona vaccine,” Ali Khan told Emirates Today.

. Every day 80 people are enjoying this offer.

Emirati investors have previously set up a special coffee house at Rashid Hospital in Dubai on the occasion of the lockdown, where free coffee was served to soldiers, civil defense personnel, doctors, and nurses for four months.

Ali Khan also wants to set up coffee house branches in India and Egypt.
According to Al Arabiya Net, many other restaurants in Dubai are also offering discounts for Corona vaccine users. The first dose of Corona vaccine is being offered at a 10% discount for dinner and the second dose at 20%.

To take advantage of this offer, it is important to show proof of having been vaccinated with the corona vaccine, such as a medical certificate.

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