Empty hand looking for gold coins in Germany

According to a German court, this is not always the case.

It was 2016 when an official from a garden cleaning company in Dunklage, a southwestern German city, found plastic boxes containing gold and cash while cleaning a cemetery.

The man reported the treasure to the police immediately.
The next day, he found several more plastic boxes hidden in bushes. The boxes were taken out and taken to the office of the same garden cleaning company. The money and gold coins recovered from all the boxes were worth more than 500,000 euros.

Some of the gold coins also bore the 2016 seal, meaning the treasure was recently hidden there.
The city administration then retained all the treasures and began searching for the real owner.

No treasure, no reward
The official who found the hidden gold and cash treasure finally filed a lawsuit against the city administration, alleging that no one had the right to own the gold and money until six months later. Not reported or contacted, so he is now the legal owner of this treasure.

The worker also applied for financial assistance with his lawsuit.
However, on Friday, January 29, the court rejected his claim. The court did not rule on the ownership of the special treasury, but the judges ruled that the lawsuit was not a success.

According to the court, these boxes full of gold and money are not missing treasure, but someone hid them there knowingly.

Therefore, the law of ownership of lost property does not apply to it. Keep in mind that according to German law, if a person finds a lost treasure, he can keep half of it.
According to the court, “this is not a lost thing that this person has found, so he is not entitled to that reward.”

According to the court, “you can only find what is missing.”

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