Football controversy FIFA has set a deadline of tomorrow


LAHORE: FIFA has set a deadline of Wednesday for the football controversy in Pakistan.

FIFA warned the Football Federation of Pakistan to suspend the football house at 8 pm on Wednesday. In a letter to Haroon Malik, head of the normalization committee, FIFA has made it clear to those in charge of the football house that the charge of the football house should be handed over to the normalization committee by Wednesday, otherwise be prepared for the consequences. The matter will be taken up in the Congress session.

FIFA has expressed regret over the forced eviction and harassment of the normalization committee from the football house and called it interference in FIFA’s affairs.

On the other hand, the head of the group that took control of the football house by removing the normalization committee, Ashfaq Hussain, has clarified that we have informed FIFA about all the issues, but we have not received any deadline letter from FIFA yet.

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