Further rise in inflation in the country

rise in inflation

ISLAMABAD: Inflation in the country has further increased.

Regarding inflation, the Bureau of Statistics has released a weekly report stating that on a weekly basis, tomatoes became 20.04 percent, flour 1.01 percent, chicken 8.81 percent more expensive, onion 2.27 percent, and garlic 8.12 percent. Potatoes became cheaper by 1.98% and lentils by 0.54%.

However, it increased the inflation rate by 0.61% during the last week as compared to the previous week.

According to the data, last week it was 18.77 percent in the inflation rate for those earning up to Rs 17,732 per month on an annual basis.

According to the data, the inflation rate for those earning Rs 29,518 to Rs 44,175 per month was 14.87 percent, while for those earning more than Rs 44,176 per month, it was 14.19 percent.

The statistics further said that the prices of 22 essential commodities, including flour, eggs, tomatoes, sugar, lentils, rice, and chicken, rose during the last week.

According to the statistics, the prices of 7 essential commodities, including potatoes, onions, garlic, LPG, and lentils, have declined during the last week. However, the prices of 22 essential commodities remained stable.

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