Gold prices fall sharply in Pakistan

The price of gold in Pakistan has been steadily declining, falling by another Rs 1,050 per tola and 13 13 per ounce, bringing the global market price to 17 1,730.

According to All Sindh Saraf and Jewelers Association, today the price of gold in the local market fell by Rs 1,050 per tola to Rs 1,7,200 and 10 grams of gold fell by Rs 900 to Rs 91,907.

In Pakistan, the price of gold per tola was Rs. 113,300 on February 1, which has become Rs. 3,000 cheaper so far. The price per tola has come down by Rs.

In the first week of August 2020, the price of gold per towel in Pakistan reached a record high of Rs 132,000, which has fallen to Rs 21,700 in seven months.

In the global market, gold per ounce fell by ڈالر 13 to عالمی 1730. Last year, gold prices in the international market reached a record level of 5 2054, which has decreased by 26 264.

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