Google will now report your heart rate fluctuations and number of breaths

California: Google has announced the introduction of mobile phones that measure heartbeat and breathing.

A blog post released by Google states that it is introducing a feature to tell the heart rate and respiratory rate in its Pixel smartphones. This mobile phone does not even need a smartwatch to monitor heart rate and respiration rate.

The blog post also states that Google’s service will be introduced on other Android smartphones. The front camera of a mobile phone must be used to detect breathing movements and heart rate. After using this service, Google will also be able to tell how many times a person has breathed in a minute.
Google has also stated that both of these features will be provided to help stay healthy and provide general health care, but should not be used to diagnose medical issues.

Google has announced that the service will be gradually rolled out to all Android users, but currently the service will be available only on Google’s Pixel smartphone. The blog post states that the service will be added to the Google Fit app from next month.

The blog post says that Google’s team of researchers, engineers and experts is constantly looking to develop low-cost sensors and everyday devices that will help people learn more about their health. It is possible to provide information.

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