Govt decides not to increase salaries of 18 departments

As a result of this decision, the salaries of 326,745 employees will not be increased by 25%. According to the details, the salaries of the employees of the departments receiving extra allowances will not be increased.

After this decision, the salaries of the employees of the Presidency, Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Senate, and National Assembly will not be increased. Employees of the FBR, the health department, the NAB, the higher judiciary, and the federal police will also be deprived of salary increases.

The salaries of employees of the Motorway Police, Airport Security Force, Intelligence Bureau, ISI, and FIA will not increase. Similarly, the salaries of the employees of the Law and Justice Commission, Parliamentary Affairs Division, and Islamabad Model Police are not being increased by 25%.

On the other hand, it has been decided to increase the salaries of 296,470 employees by 25%. A 25 percent hike in the salaries of federal employees would place an additional burden of Rs 21 billion annually on the national exchequer.

Officials say employees who are already receiving 100 percent ad hoc relief will not receive the current increase. The current increase will be for employees who are not being paid an additional salary or performance allowance equal to their basic salary.

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