Hafeez lodged a complaint with the management board against Sarfraz’s tweet

KARACHI: Mohammad Hafeez has lodged a complaint against Sarfraz with the team management and board, saying that the general appreciation tweet for Mohammad Rizwan was given the wrong color.

After the war of words on social media, Mohammad Hafeez has complained to the PCB about Sarfraz Ahmed’s behavior. According to sources, the all-rounder was shocked by the former captain’s reaction to his tweet, although Sarfraz Ahmed did not say this directly. But one of his remarks gave the impression that he was advising Hafeez to avoid negative thinking. On this, Chirag Pa All Rounder contacted the team management members and expressed his concerns. His position was that only Mohammad I don’t know why Sarfraz got angry when he praised Rizwan.

Hafeez also complained to the PCB media department about Sarfraz. For a while, he was patient, but then in another tweet without naming anyone, he criticized the “superficial mindset”.
It should be noted that Hafeez has no contract with the PCB. However, Sarfraz Ahmed is a centrally contracted cricketer. The board does not intend to take any action against anyone at present. Import will be reminded.

Sources said that the relationship between Mohammad Hafeez and Sarfraz Ahmed has never been ideal. All-rounders often criticize the former captain without mentioning his name in their interviews. Sarfraz endured for a long time but now his patience is running out. When he went, he retaliated in hidden words. Yesterday, this issue was covered on social media.

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