He had to go to jail for trying to break Pakistan, Modi admitted


DHAKA: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again admitted to breaking up Pakistan. In the celebration of Bangladesh Day, Narendra Modi was very poisonous against Pakistan. He confessed to being involved in a conspiracy against Pakistan. Bangladeshi Prime Minister Hasina Wajid continued to applaud Modi’s hatred against Pakistan.

Ram Ram with a knife in his armpit! Fascist Modi then stood up in Dhaka and confessed to breaking Pakistan in front of the world. But shedding tears, Modi forgot the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat.

The riots in Delhi and the systematic genocide of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh are telling evidence of Modi’s extremism and anti-Muslim sentiments.

The stories of Modi’s tyranny in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir are being protested all over the world.

The Indian Prime Minister admitted that he was part of a conspiracy to overthrow Pakistan and was proud to go to jail for this heinous act.

While Modi was telling stories of trampling on humanity, Bangladeshi Prime Minister Hasina Wajid kept on applauding and encouraging the perpetrators.

This confession of Modi is not new. Even in 2015, a Gujarat butcher stood in the same Dhaka and confessed to conspiring with the terrorist organization Mukti Bahini to sign Pakistan.

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