Horrific traffic accident in Saudi Arabia,

Road Accident in Saudi Arabia

Horrific traffic accident in Saudi Arabia, 7 people killed, several injured

The accident took place in Madinah at 10 pm last night. The dead included children and women

Madinah: A tragic traffic accident has occurred in Saudi Arabia as a result of which several people have lost their lives. The dead included children and women, and many were injured. According to Saudi media, a fatal accident took place on the road from Old Madinah to Al-Qasim at 10:05 last night in which 7 people lost their lives and 5 were injured.

The official spokesman for the Saudi Red Crescent, Khalid bin Masaad al-Sahli, said the crash was reported last night, after which six emergency teams rushed to the scene. The accident occurred when three vehicles collided near Al-Aqeel. The accident was so severe that seven people died on the spot, including two children, two women, and three men.

Five people were seriously injured, including two women and a child.

An investigation has been launched to find out the cause of the accident. It should be noted that two days ago, a traffic accident took place in Jeddah as a result of which a vehicle fell under the bridge. Two people were injured and two vehicles were damaged in the crash.

According to the Saudi newspaper Al-Marsad, the incident took place at the intersection of Al-Sein Street in Jeddah when a vehicle suddenly fell down while crossing the Al-Tahliya Bridge. The vehicle fell from a height of several meters and another vehicle was also hit. The video of the incident has also gone viral on social media. Eyewitnesses say the driver of one of the vehicles was badly trapped inside.

Which was pulled out by civil defense personnel after an attempt. One of the two injured sustained minor injuries and was rushed to the hospital, while the driver of the crashed vehicle was rushed to King Fahd Hospital by a Red Crescent ambulance. The accident happened at a time when traffic was heavy. The traffic system was suspended for a long time after the vehicle fell into the underpass under the bridge.

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