How did the rickshaw driver’s daughter become the second runner-up in the Indian beauty contest?

Manseh Varanasi from the Indian state of Hyderabad has won the title of ‘Femina Miss India 2020’. A few days ago, the final of this beauty pageant was held in Mumbai in which the crown of Miss India 2020 was placed on the head of 23-year-old Mansa Varanasi.

Manya Singh of Uttar Pradesh and Manika Sheokand of Haryana came first and second respectively in this beauty pageant. The first letter of the names of these three winners is ‘M’.

Like the first letter of their names, the three have a lot in common and the path to Miss India’s title was not easy for them.

However, in India, Manya Singh is being talked about more than Mansa Varanasi, the winner of the beauty pageant, because of his family background.

Mania Singh says, “You fight your own battle … Why are you disappointed You also want to find time for your own existence. “

Till yesterday no one knew Manya Singh of Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh, but today everyone is trying to find out about him. Mania’s father Om Prakash Singh drives an auto rickshaw in Mumbai and his mother Manorama Devi runs a tailor’s shop in Mumbai.

Mania’s childhood was difficult. Recalling her parents’ struggle, Mania says, “People think differently. There are some states in the country where some people think that girls can’t do much.

“I would tell people you’re out of nowhere, whether you have clothes or not or how you look, whether you have money or not, but when you dream bigger than you can imagine,” she says. If so, you can touch the sky. So unless you dream, you will never know.

“The turning point in life when everything seemed to fall apart.”
Manya Singh has seen financial hardship since childhood. He has spent many nights starving several times. She has walked many kilometers to save money.

All the clothes that Mania had were sewn by herself. Even his mother and father had to mortgage jewelry to pay for his education. In addition to her studies, she has worked in a call center.

Recalling those days, Manya says, “Everyone’s life takes a turning point when it seems like everything is falling apart. I also wondered what would happen next. ‘

“I always believe that women have a special power,” she says. So whenever I look at my parents, I think if I were in their place, I would realize that we don’t have an older son. That’s why I played this role. The role of the eldest daughter, I could not be a boy but I made sure that they do not need the eldest son, if my hard work is 20% then their dedication is 80%. The kind of sacrifice they made for me is very important to me. “

Beauty contests are often thought to be for the rich. It is very difficult for those who do not have money to participate in this competition, so how difficult was it to make this competition your destination?

“When we have a backup, it comes to mind that if it doesn’t, we have another option, but I always thought I had no other option,” Mania said. I thought if I fell I would get up. And if I fall again, I’ll get up again. “

“Failure has been my companion,” she says. The doors were always locked on me. People used to tell me that you don’t look like Miss India, you will never reach the place of Miss India. But all this I have learned from time and different circumstances. And it doesn’t matter what people say about it. It’s important that I know what I want and what I’m able to do. It will be difficult for me, not for the people, so it is important that we believe in ourselves.

Mania Singh could not become Miss India but she has definitely reached the hearts of the people.

“I had to do everything myself.”
23-year-old Mansa Varanasi has her own story of becoming Miss India. “2020 has not been a good year for anyone,” says Mansa.

Before the Corona epidemic, she had been preparing to participate in Femina Miss India for many years. I took a long break from work and then worked hard all the time for this competition. ‘

“During the epidemic, I thought I worked so hard. I don’t know if there will be a competition now,” she said. But a few days later came the news that applications for the beauty pageant could be made in practice. This was my first experience, everything was virtual at the time and we had to do everything ourselves, from make-up, we all became multi-taskers. When I reached the top 15, I had to travel out of town to compete. It was a different experience in itself. “

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