How to Behave On a Date So That It Leads To a Serious Relationship

Experts explain why it is better to wear an emerald dress and not sit on the sofa in a restaurant

Within the framework of the project “Already Unbearable to Marry” on Radio Romantika, experts in the field of fashion, psychology, and etiquette shared tips on how to behave correctly on a date and what outfit to choose for the first meeting.

How to create a “lady like” look

The choice of outfit depends on the purpose of the meeting. For a young girl who wants to get married in the future, stylists recommend sticking to the image of “ladylike” – in the popular TV series “Sex and the City” he is personified by Charlotte. Of the more modern heroines, members of the British royal family can be role models, especially Kate Middleton and her friend.

“What is the basis of the lady-like image? In fact, this is the image of the ideal wife. Very correctly selected color schemes. Minimum printing, very pure color, “edible” shades and most often pastels or, conversely, rich colors of precious stones, for example, emerald. Always very laconic forms, which in no way can discredit a girl, “said stylist and expert on popular TV projects Alexei Sukharev.

We’ll put off the trousers for later

If you go on a first date, neither the stylist nor the psychologist will ever recommend a girl to come to it in trousers. Psychologically, this always puts her on a par with the guy.

“Yes, this is not bad, it all depends on the type of man the girl is looking for. But on the first date, a girl in trousers can cause a negative reaction in someone. At the same time, one should not forget that all the same, these are advice for the spring – in cold weather it is more important to monitor your health, ”Sukharev said.

The main thing is naturalness and comfort

It is important for both the guy and the girl to dress comfortably for the first date. A date is already quite a nervous event, and it is better if you do not have to pull yourself up and correct something during it. And, of course, you should avoid too provocative and dramatic color schemes.

“Avoid combinations of black with red, black in total, and even more so khaki,” the stylist recommends. – Deep brown is also not the best option. Ideal – white and a loose-fitting shirt, as well as “edible” shades. To get a clearer picture of the palette, remember the colors of the desserts. Such shades always go well with a gentle girlish appearance and set a man in the right mood. For romance. It is important”.

And you don’t have to get ready for a date very long. When a person has spent six hours in the mirror, it is always very noticeable.

“You need lightness, even if some negligence – it’s easier to fall in love with it, and when you see a person in front of you who was preparing too responsibly to meet you, it scares,” warns stylist Alexey Sukharev.

Secular etiquette pitfalls

Before your first date, it’s a good idea to remember important rules of etiquette. Is it ok for girls to be late for dates? How to behave if the meeting takes place in a restaurant? How to give gifts and receive compliments? Etiquette expert Albina Kholgova told the listeners of Radio Romantika about this. She drew attention to details that often reveal the ladies’ ignorance of the rules of secular etiquette.

For example, everyone knows: if there is no doorman, a man always opens the door to the restaurant. But not everyone knows who should enter the premises first. It turns out that if the front door to the restaurant is deaf or with glass through which nothing can be seen, then the man enters first.

“If there is no danger, the girl goes first,” noted Albina Kholgova. “But if you can’t see anything, you can’t know what’s going on in this restaurant.”

Another common mistake is when a girl sits facing the audience. According to the rules of etiquette, a man should sit on the sofa: this way it is more convenient for him to communicate with the waiter and at the same time observe what is happening in the hall. This is an important aspect of security.

“Girls love to sit on the sofa, and the man, accordingly, sits down opposite. This is one of the most common markers that a couple does not know the rules of secular etiquette, the expert notes. – A man should sit facing the entrance and the hall in order to control the situation. He is also supposed to be the first to go to the table, move the chair and invite the girl to sit down, then she will definitely sit where she is supposed to by etiquette. “

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