How to Fight Aging In the Elbow and Knee Area

Plastic surgeon Madina Bayramukova – on the prevention of age-related changes in these problem areas

It is believed that knees and elbows are more likely to give away a woman’s age than the neck does. The main problem that the fair sex begins to face early enough is, of course, the overhanging of the skin in these areas, which is aggravated by other signs of aging – changes in the color and quality of the epidermis. Plastic surgeon Madina Bayramukova will tell you how to cope with aging in the elbows and knees.

Aging of elbows and knees is a very similar, general topic, which does not make sense to break into two separate ones. At the same time, it is very important to understand that the problems we face in the elbows and knees are not solved locally.

Indeed, on the elbows and knees, age-related changes and the consequences of gravitational ptosis are most noticeable, since it is in these places that the skin and soft tissues are most firmly attached to the bone skeleton. These are the so-called fixation points. All the tissues located above are ptosis and sag with age, and this fact becomes noticeable in the places of fixation. Exactly the same thing happens on the face in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds: since the place of fixation of the soft tissues of the face is the nasolabial triangle.

Therefore, when we talk about elbows, we often mean the fight against aging in the shoulder area – this is the area from the shoulder to the elbow joint. If we are talking about the knee, then we mean the thigh – the area from the hip to the knee joint.

What harmful factors do we face as these zones age?

First of all, these are excess body fat: the more body fat in the shoulder or thigh area, the heavier the tissue. The greater the weight difference, the more the skin will be stretched in these zones and the harder it is to keep volume, which means that it will be more susceptible to gravitational ptosis. Therefore, there is such a situation that less fat accumulates on the knee itself than above. Accordingly, the fold begins to hang from above. The same thing happens with the elbows.

In any person, especially one who leads a sedentary lifestyle, with age, the muscles become flaccid, atonic and loose, some of the muscle fibers are replaced by connective tissue, which are no longer capable of contraction, and, accordingly, another problem arises – the presence of

flabby muscle .

Skin that is overstretched with age , which differs from skin in other parts of the body. This factor is hereditary: we got it from our distant ancestors, who, perhaps, ran on all fours. In any case, the knees and elbows were a kind of fulcrum for movement in space. Therefore, the skin in these places is denser and more resistant to abrasion: hence its appearance is not very attractive aesthetically, the difference in color and quality (roughness, roughness).

All three of these factors make the skin around the elbows and knees visually unsightly.

What treatments help to cope with aging in these areas?

In the area of ​​the joints themselves , this is, first of all, working with the skin: biorevitalization, laser skin resurfacing, peeling is obligatory. If we are talking about care, then this is the use of fatty nourishing creams that are suitable for the skin of the feet.

As a preventive measure, the muscles in the hips and shoulders should be kept in reasonable tone. If we are zealous with sports, and then quit, the muscles will at first hypertrophy, and then become lethargic. At the same time, their size will be preserved and subsequently will become a factor causing tissue sagging.

You also need to monitor your diet so that there are no changes in weight, as this leads to excessive subcutaneous tissue and skin stretching.

To work on saggy skin around the knees and elbows, you need to tighten and contract the flap and muscle above . For this purpose, smas-lifting has proven itself, which has an effect on the muscles and subcutaneous fat.

With slight overstretching of the skin and to influence the surface layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, microneedle radio wave lifting is used.

deeper and more targeted effect on problem areas is provided by a surgical radio wave lifting – the BodyTite technology. With the help of an internal sensor, the internal fat is heated, compaction, a decrease in the severity of the subcutaneous layer, reduction of the fat layer, muscles, skin and stimulation of neocolagenesis.

Heavy artillery – When there is huge excess skin, surgeries such as brachioplasty and surgical thigh lift are used to remove fat and skin. However, the main problem of these interventions is the presence of ugly postoperative scars, so these operations are used only when necessary.

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