How to remove coffee stains from white clothes?

Cleaning stains with a white cloth is a difficult task. Coffee stains are especially difficult to wash off when they are dry, but vinegar and bleach powders are helpful in removing such stains, according to an article published in Sidti Magazine.

How to wash stains

First, check the quality of the fabric to know how to wash it. Some fabrics are made of cotton and linen, they absorb more water than fabrics made of polyester and acrylic. Similarly, a cloth made of cotton dries slowly.

Then place the tissue on the scar and rub it well so that any amount of coffee is absorbed into the tissue. Keep your hands on the other side to protect the fabric.

Soak the stain in cold water for three minutes, then rub it well with your fingers to reduce the stain on the fabric. Repeat this process several times.

Use of white vinegar

White vinegar is considered to be effective in removing stains. Mix one tablespoon of it in a little warm water and add dishwashing liquid. Apply this solution on the spot, rub for three minutes and then leave for 15 minutes.

Then rub the stain with your fingers thoroughly for five minutes and then wash off the remaining soap around the stain with cold water.

Then wash in a washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius with other white clothes and make sure the stain is clean before the clothes dry.

If the coffee stain has not yet been removed from the fabric, other household tips can be tried, such as bleach or stain remover powder. Then dry the cloth in the open air.

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