Humayun Saeed was offered marriage to neighboring India

Humayo Saeed

Makoana: Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed was offered marriage to neighboring India. The Indian girl said in her Twitter message to Humayun Saeed that I am 24 years younger than you but still I love you very much. According to the details, the Pakistani actor is well-known in Pakistan as well as in India. Recently, an Indian Twitter user named PV Creations has expressed his love for actor Humayun Saeed in a unique way.

In her message, the female Indian Twitter user addressed Humayun Saeed and asked if she would marry me. The Indian user also said that she knew that she was already married but what should I do with her heart. The woman asked the actor if he would marry me in the next life because it is not possible in this life. A large number of Twitter users are interested in this unique expression of love.” Responding to the comments of the users, the woman requested that someone convey this message to Humayun Saeed.

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