I love my work, not for money and fame, Kangana


I was a “wanted girl” in the film industry but the industry needed me to be a Bollywood actress

MUMBAI: Controversial Bollywood personality and actress Kangana Ranaut says that she was an ‘unwanted girl’ in the film industry but the industry needed her a lot. Appreciated by Agnihotri.

Responding to the filmmaker’s tweet, Kangana wrote in her tweet that ‘I was an unwanted girl, but today I work with the best filmgoers, artists, and experts, I love my work, but money and Not for fame, people think I’m the best person in the world and you can do it.

It may be recalled that Kangana had earlier revealed in a post on her birthday that she had heard stories from her grandmother that the birth of another daughter in the presence of one daughter disappointed everyone but she did not care. I didn’t have to think that I was very beautiful and getting married would not be a big burden. Kangana added in her post that everyone was laughing at this story and this incident broke my heart every time.

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