Imran Ashraf’s son Rohm’s second birthday

Imran Ashraf

Actor Imran Ashraf Awan and his wife Kiran celebrated their son Rohm’s second birthday yesterday.

Sharing charming photos with his son and Kiran on Instagram, Imran Ashraf expressed his feelings in beautiful words.

The actor wrote in the caption, “On the day the first child is born, a father is also born. As a father, I think to myself, “Children are above all, even above themselves,” Happy Birthday Spirit.

Expressing his love for his son, Imran Ashraf further wrote, “Allah’s greatest bounty would have been on me, may Allah bless everyone with children.”

The actor’s wife Kiran Ashfaq Hussain Darne also shared a photo with her son and wrote “Happy Birthday is our life, our soul”.

Imran and Kiran got married in 2018, while Rohm was born on March 30 last year.

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