Imran Khan can arrest Maryam Nawaz in any case

The arrest of Maryam Nawaz is aimed at creating a rift between the establishment and the opposition. For an anti-government movement, the PPP and the PML-N must agree in a row. Senior Analyst Najam Sethi

Lahore: Senior analyst Najam Sethi has said that Imran Khan can arrest Maryam Nawaz in any case. The purpose of arresting Maryam Nawaz is to create a rift between the establishment and the opposition. The row must agree. Analyzing the political situation, he said that Hamza Shahbaz has been granted bail in the money laundering case. The money laundering case is more on Hamza Shahbaz. If Hamza Shahbaz has been granted bail, then Shahbaz Sharif will also be granted bail. It is being said that bail cannot be granted. Yes, the NAB kept him in jail for 20 months, does anyone seem to have indicated that he should be released now? This has started the discussion on whether a deal has been reached. In this election, the Election Commission has decided that re-polling should be held in the entire constituency. This decision is against the government and in favor of PML-N.

This means that the whole point of PML-N has been accepted while the statement of PTI has been rejected. The Election Commission has given its decision with great courage. People are praising the decision very much. He boldly said that there should be an open ballot. Even if Shahbaz Sharif is granted bail, people will say that he has lost his temper. He has summoned the Chief Secretary and the IG. Why were the presiding officers disappeared? It is being said that the establishment has become neutral. This work has been done by the subordinate agencies.

On the other hand, if you look at the problems, the Election Commission has saved Imran Khan for five years in a foreign funding case. Pervez Rashid has also been rejected by the same Election Commission for the Senate. No facility has been provided here. From what is happening, it seems that the deal has been done and it has not been done. If there is an agreement with the PDM, the Establishment would have said don’t target the institutions, we become neutral, we don’t want our policy to harm the whole Establishment, Imran Khan and the Opposition deal with each other. Don’t include us in it.

The DG ISPR also stated that we are neutral, not interfering in politics at all. Some people said that it is for the opposition, but some people said that it is for both Imran Khan and the opposition. If the decision is in favor of PTI, then the strategy of PDM will fail. If Imran Khan sees that the Establishment is going away, then Maryam Nawaz can be arrested for cracking the understanding between the Establishment and the Opposition. For the success of PDM, it is necessary for PPP and PML-N to come together. Long march, resignations. And it is necessary to agree on no-confidence. If Imran Khan resigns, the PPP will not allow new elections to take place, but bringing Bilawal Bhutto into the federation will be a priority.

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