In France, a 117-year-old woman defeated coronavirus

PARIS: Sister Andre, a 117-year-old Christian nun living in Toulon, France, has beaten Kwid 19. She is also the oldest person to defeat the novel corona virus.

According to reports, in mid-January 2021, Sister Andre was diagnosed with Covid 19 but, surprisingly, showed no signs of illness.

Sister Andre’s birth name is Lucy Randon, she is blind and has been confined to a wheelchair for many years due to old age.
“I didn’t even realize I had the virus,” Sister Andre told a local French newspaper.

They live in an old age home in Toulon, where 87 other elderly people live. During testing in January, 81 elderly people at the old home tested positive for the coronavirus virus, 10 of whom have died.

According to the Gerontology Research Group, Sister Andre is the second oldest person to have been infected with the corona virus. Sister Andre is the oldest.

Interestingly, Sister Andre’s date of birth is February 11, 1904, meaning she is also celebrating her 117th birthday today.

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