In Sharjah, the quarrel between Pakistanis turned bloody

quarrel between pakistanis in Sharjah

A group of workers stabbed their compatriot to death

Sharjah: In Sharjah, quarrels between Pakistanis often adorn the headlines, bringing the entire community into disrepute. In many cases, these quarrels lead to murder.

A similar incident has taken place in the UAE once again in which a Pakistani worker who went to earn a living for the sake of his family has lost his life at the hands of his compatriots. According to Gulf News, there was a quarrel between Pakistanis living in Sharjah, which has turned bloody. One worker was killed in the fighting.

The incident took place in the Al-Batina area of ​​Sharjah, where Pakistani workers had to fight among themselves.

Shortly afterward, a group of activists stabbed a member of the opposition group and severely wounded him. Unable to recover from his injuries, the unfortunate worker died shortly afterward. Police said the incident was reported at around 1 pm, after which a team of police personnel and medical personnel were immediately dispatched to the spot.

However, the seriously injured man lost his life before the police arrived. Al-Qasimi was taken to Al-Qasimi Hospital where he was pronounced dead at the scene. Doctors confirmed his death after the operation. Eyewitnesses said that during the fight between the Pakistanis, a few people stabbed the young man several times, after which he was in pain for a long time and then died.

The body of this unfortunate Pakistani has been sent to the forensic laboratory for autopsy. His body will be repatriated in the next few days after necessary procedures. Police say the Pakistani accused who killed the youth immediately fled the scene. Raids are being carried out at various places to search for them. It is hoped that all the accused will be arrested soon.

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