In the UAE, those who cut the signal will now face a lot of trouble

Traffic police fined 51,000 dirhams for violating signal, driving license to be confiscated

The UAE has the best traffic laws in place to enforce traffic laws. However, serious violations continue by some stubborn drivers. Against whom a strict law has now been enacted. Abu Dhabi police say bad days have come for those who cut the signal. According to the police, from now on, violators of traffic signals will be fined 51,000 dirhams and their driving licenses will be confiscated for six months.

Therefore, it would be better for people who are accustomed to cutting signals to come back, otherwise, their earnings of many months will be wasted. According to the police, if a traffic accident occurs while cutting the signal, irresponsible drivers will have to face more serious consequences.
Such drivers will be fined one thousand dirhams. 12 black points will be registered on the license and the vehicle will be confiscated for 30 days.

You have to deposit 50,000 dirhams to get the car back. If an owner does not return the confiscated vehicle after three months of payment of the fine, then the vehicle will be auctioned off and sold. According to the police, in addition to breaking the signal, other violations will result in a fine of 50,000 dirhams for hitting or damaging a police vehicle in Gajan, participating in illegal car racing, driving without number plates and endangering the lives of others. Includes driving. In all such cases, there will be heavy fines and the vehicle will be confiscated.

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