Indian actor found it costly to make fun of his father

Mumbai: Indian actor Karan Veer Bohra found it costly to make fun of his father.

Renowned Indian photographer shared a video on the photo-sharing app Instagram in which famous TV actor Karan Veer Bohra tried to make a joke with his father but the father immediately slapped his son.

As can be seen in the video, the actor first shows his broken headphones in front of the camera and says, “I accuse Papa that you have broken it. Let’s see what he says. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

But as soon as he goes to his father with the camera and tells him, “Daddy, this is what you did.” The father replied, “No, I didn’t break it.” Karan changed his tone and said angrily, “Dad, don’t say you didn’t do it. The last time you used these headphones, you broke them.” The father slapped him hard.

Karan Veer Bohra returns saying, “I never thought it could happen.

It should be noted that Karan Veer Bohra has shown the essence of acting in dozens of successful dramas while he has also played the lead role in the film ‘Kastam Connection’, ‘Humein Tumse Pyaar Katna’.

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