Kabaddi competition, Navjot Singh Sadhu will visit Pakistan

Pakistan Kabaddi Federation General Secretary Rana Sarwar has said that former Indian cricketer and political leader Navjot Singh Sadhu will visit Pakistan on the occasion of the World Kabaddi Championships.

According to the report, during the ceremony held in Islamabad, General Secretary Pakistan Kabaddi Federation Rana Sarwar said that matters have been settled between the federations of both the countries for the Nankana Sahib International Kabaddi Tournament and the competition between India and Pakistan in the Kartarpur Corridor. The Indian team will return after the match and will return to Pakistan for the match the next day.

Rana Sarwar further said that Navjot Sadhu has accepted the invitation to visit Pakistan on the occasion of Kabaddi competitions. He said that Kabaddi competitions have been included in the SAFE Games and the upcoming Asia and Kabaddi World Cups have also been allotted to Pakistan.

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