Kuwait loses 290 million dollars to tourism

The organization of Kuwaiti tourism agencies has said that the tourism sector has lost 29 290 million during the Corona epidemic.

According to the Kuwaiti magazine Al-Qabas, the chairman of the organisation’s board of directors, Mohammed al-Mutairi, said that 450 travel agencies lost 88 million dinars (0 290 million) and a monthly loss of .5 26.5 million during the Corona epidemic and the ban on foreigners entering Kuwait.

Kuwait International Airport has imposed a two-week ban on foreigners arriving in Kuwait.
Kuwaiti relatives, their domestic workers and workers registered on the Balsalama platform are exempt from the ban.
The Balsalama platform has been set up to facilitate the return of domestic staff to Kuwait. It is also working to bring back medical staff and diplomats.

Al-Mutairi has said that the claim that the number of Corona virus victims has increased due to the opening of the airport is false. The reason is that the corona of outsiders is being tested. PCR certificates are being sought while another test is being scheduled on the next arrivals and they will also be quarantined in hotels for 7 days.
He added that despite all these restrictions, it is incomprehensible to claim that the opening of Kuwait airport has led to an increase in cases of corona virus.

A Kuwaiti tourism agency official said it was important for coroner vaccine recipients to develop health certificates and portfolios so that they could lead a normal life and go out of business easily.
He said the decision to quarantine Kuwaitis would take effect on February 21. In this regard, we demand that those who come to Kuwait through travel agencies be booked in hotels so that they do not suffer further losses.

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