Kyra Knightley: I won’t do sex scenes in movies directed by men

British actress Cara Knightley has said that she will not do nude scenes in films with male directors.

Speaking to Channel Connect’s podcast, the actress explained that she did not impose a ban on herself from filming nude scenes in the future, but on the men who direct such films.

The 35-year-old actress said that you can call it a bit arrogant to do so.

The issue of how actors are treated during the filming of sex scenes has gained prominence in recent years, especially since the Me Too movement.
Many studios now hire ‘intimacy’ coordinators to film scenes of this nature to monitor the filming of sex scenes without forcing the actor or actress to do what they are not. And that their self-esteem should be taken care of during the shooting.

Earlier, Kyra Knightley had revealed that since becoming a mother in 2015, she has included the ‘no nudity’ clause in her film contracts.

‘Men’s eyes’

During the interview, Knightley also said that she strongly believes that if a film focuses on women’s life experiences, she would like to work with a female director in it.

you know about and it is your own but it has been seen in a completely different way. Now this body has changed in many ways that you did not even think of before becoming a mother. Then yes, I will try my best to get to know him with a woman who can understand that. ‘

“But now I feel very uncomfortable thinking about men’s eyes.”

Knightley said she understands the need for some films to feature nude scenes.

“I don’t like horrible sex scenes anymore where everyone is screaming,” he said. I’m not interested in doing that. “

“But I also say that there are times when I say yes, I fully understand that sex in this movie will be really good and you basically just need someone to look very beautiful. , So you can use someone else. ‘

“Because I am very proud, and my body has given birth to two children, I will not stand naked in front of a group of men.”

Knightley has acted in films such as “Band at Like Beckham”, “Atonement” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Last year she appeared in the film Miss Behavior, a comedy about the women’s liberation movement in London in the 1970s.

Earlier, Knightley said he had banned his daughter from watching Disney movies that portrayed women in a way that she disagreed with.

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