Laptops supplied by the British government revealed the ‘Russian virus’

The virus has been identified in some laptops donated by the UK government to help children in homeschooling.

According to the British newspaper Guardian, the teachers informed about the details of suspicious files in the laptops sent to Bradford school on the online forum.

The virus, believed to be linked to Russian servers, is thought to have been found in laptops donated to a few schools.

In this regard, the Department for Education has said that it is aware of it and is conducting an immediate investigation.

An official from the Department for Education said: “We are aware of this problem with some devices and we are investigating it on a priority basis to resolve this issue as soon as possible. In addition, those who have complained, the department’s IT teams are in touch with them. We believe that this (virus) is not widespread.

“We are working with the Department of Education on this issue,” said Geo, a laptop maker. We have fully supported them in their investigation.

These Windows laptops contain the ‘Gamerio Eye’ virus, which was identified by Microsoft in 2012.

“This is a serious threat to any computer and network,” said Paul Murray, an information security consultant.

Gamario Eye is a spy malware that collects users’ browsing habits and personal information, including banking details.

The British government has so far sent more than 800,000 laptops to schools. The government is trying to distribute more than a million devices to children who do not have access to homes.

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