Lawyers involved in Islamabad High Court attack should get exemplary punishment: Justice Athar Minallah

Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Athar Minallah has said that the lawyers involved in the attack on the court should be given exemplary punishment.

A case related to the attack on lawyers was heard in the Islamabad High Court. Sohail Akbar Chaudhry, secretary of the Islamabad High Court Bar Association, appeared before the court and requested the formation of a judicial commission.

Chief Justice Athar Minallah remarked that you all know who did all this, there is no need for a commission to identify those who attacked the High Court so that no innocent person is harassed. Coins, all the lawyers who attacked the High Court were lawyers, I know more than half of them, who held the judge’s hostage for five hours, they have committed this heinous crime, this incident has gone completely wrong. Ideal punishment should be meted out. The Chief Justice of Pakistan also called. I was told that I was ready for action, but I also told the Chief Justice of Pakistan that I would not allow the High Court to become a battlefield by taking any action. He said, “Come and kill me, of course, but I will not make it a spectacle by taking action. The honor of the bar is at stake because of the act of one hundred people. Everyone was in uniform. The honor of the bar is also in it.” Identify these people.

Chief Justice Athar Minallah also expressed concern over the lawyers’ disrespect to the media, saying that the media personnel was killed and their videos were also deleted, this attitude will not be tolerated at all, you know that they are planning The court has already issued instructions to take action only against the lawyers who are involved in the incident and has stopped the action against the lawyers who are only suspected. Yes, the Chief Justice was detained for five hours but I am not angry. The JIT has reported that the lawyers and the bar are not cooperating with him. At this time, the responsibility has been removed. I saw the president of the bar and your secretary helpless. What would the state do to the people of a political party if they had done such a thing? When I was held hostage, I was ready to do as much as I could. Will kill

Advocate Sher Afzal said that we are all saddened by what happened to the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice of the High Court Athar Minallah said that not only my issue, eight other judges were also detained, this is a matter of the institution. Lawyer Raja Rizwan Abbasi told the court that we are all very ashamed. Chief Justice Athar Minallah said that there would be no compromise if it did not work but the law would make its own way.

The court directed High Court Bar Secretary Sohail Chaudhry to identify the accused involved.

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