Lera Kudryavtseva: “Now I Have No Money”

Famous TV presenter admitted that she tried to do business with medical masks

Singer Stas Kostyushkin became the next hero of Lera Kudryavtseva in the program “Secret for a Million” on NTV. During the broadcast, the star couple discussed, among other things, the coronavirus. It was then that Kudryavtseva unexpectedly became frank and said that she had tried to do business with medical masks, but failed.

“At the very beginning of the pandemic, a friend of mine from China said: ‘Now we will make a batch of masks very quickly. I throw money there, a huge batch of masks is brought here, “Lera said. But nothing happened. “He could not realize them, because we have all covered with masks. Now they lie – no money, no masks.”

The most amazing thing is that Kostyushkin had. the same experience: he wanted to make a business with medical masks and with about the same result. “Now I have no money,” Kudryavtseva summed up.

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