Let’s Stop: How to Tell If Your Nails Need a Break from Gel Polish

Do not follow the lead of the nail master

Of course, it is difficult to give up your cozy salon, when every month, like on a holiday, you rush to your beloved master. But most importantly, the hands look just amazing if the nail master really knows his job. However, in the pursuit of beauty, we often forget about the health and needs of our nails, which, in a sense, simply cry for help, but we do not hear them. Today we decided to find out when it is still worth giving up going to the salon and doing nail treatment.

The nail “leaves” under the gel

This is not to say that this happens often, but the situation is still unpleasant. It also happens that you notice how the grown nail is peeling off the coating, thereby creating space for bacteria to enter. In this case, you should not delay with the recording and remove the gel as soon as possible, otherwise, you risk encountering something more than just delamination, for example, with a fungus. After removing, be sure to take a break.

The nail turns yellow under the gel

During a pleasant conversation with the master, many often miss the moment when the master removes the old coating – we always pay attention to the appearance of the nail after removal. Ask the master not to rush with further coating and carefully examine each nail. Even a slight yellowing should confuse you, since a healthy nail always has a shade slightly lighter than the skin. Be careful.

The nail is ground under the gel

Of course, we try to carefully choose a master, and yet, doing a manicure too often, we run the risk of simply thinning the nail, while the master himself may be silent about this or even declare that everything is in order. But even the most careful removal does not guarantee the integrity of the nail – with each removal, especially when using a cutter, the nail becomes thinner. Give him time to recover.

The nail reacts to UV radiation

No visit is complete without the use of a UV lamp if you decide to do a coating. And if in the first six months of a permanent manicure you do not experience any inconvenience, then over time your nails can react very painfully to the effects of ultraviolet radiation – a strong and extremely unpleasant burning sensation occurs. In this case, it is also important to ask the master to apply the medicinal composition and do a hygienic manicure, but without using a gel coating.

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