“Losing Weight for Your Sake”: How the Stars Congratulated Men

We studied the most interesting stellar messages to the strong half

Defender of the Fatherland Day has passed, we managed to celebrate, congratulate our loved ones and friends, smoothly moving into a short but busy working week. At the same time, we became interested in how our stars spent the holiday weekend, we decided to “plunge” into Instagram and are ready to share with you cool congratulatory posts from celebrities.

Anastasia Volochkova

The ballerina approached the congratulations of the strong half of humanity quite creatively, having posted a music video with her “partial” participation. The artist accompanied the original post with the words: “Thanks to everyone who defends our Fatherland. Service, duty, honor, dignity and ability to be a real Man in relation to a woman”

Tatiana Kotova

The former lead singer of Via Gra decided to please the men with a sensual photo in which the singer poses in gorgeous lingerie surrounded by pink roses. In the accompanying text, the star wished men to remain real men, who can be entrusted with “the most tender and most fragile feelings.”

Yana Koshkina

The star of popular TV programs shared an equally exciting photo in honor of the holiday – the girl was naked to the waist, and covered the most “strategically important” parts of her body with a vintage hat. We are sure that the male half of the subscribers accurately appreciated the artist’s online gift.

Anna Sedokova

The ex-soloist of “Via Gra” posted a whole video in which she demonstrates a simply delightful outfit, consisting of a translucent corset and sparkling underwear. Having conveyed congratulations to all men on her Instagram, the singer noted that she would personally congratulate her partner, Janis Timm.

Agata Mutsenietse

The actress and star of musical television projects also made it into our list of stars who did not stand aside and originally congratulated the strong half – the artist posted a playful photo in which she called on men to “find a heart”. However, Agatha accompanied her bold photo with no less beautiful words: “We are women, nowhere without you! For your sake, we are losing weight, painting, and dressing up! Only you can convince a woman that she can give birth to a child! “

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